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Singha Thekchen Namdrol Rinpoche - Long Life Prayer

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1. LONG LIFE PR AYER FOR Singha Thekchen Namdrol Rinpoche

2. Om Svasti Like the countless light rays that radiate from the ruby mountain ; Exquisite Amitayu s, Lord of Everlasting L ife, who captivates and one does not tire of seeing; Whose essence is of infinite life , the nectar of immortality; Ple ase instantly grant our Guru, The Siddhi of S table and Everlasting L ife . Pad - Rab Lhun - Poi O’ser Bum Tro Tar Rab Ze Ta - Wai Mi - Ngom Tse - Pak Me Chi - Med Du - Tsi Bum Gyi Che - Chuk Pa Tak - Ten Dro - Wai Ngo - Po Deng - Dhir Tsol You are intellige nt and skilful in upholding the traditions of Buddha ; S pread ing the Holy Dharma through explanations and practices ; In order to lead disciple s onto the path to liberation; You are the o ne who is an Unequalled Guide, p lease live a long and stable life . Gang - Lo Thub - Pai Ring - Lug Zin - Khe Pa Shed Dang Drup - Pai Ten - Pa Pel - Wa Dang Dul - Ja Nam - Drol Lam - Du God - Pa La Dren - Pai Da - Dral Chog - Tu Shab - Ten Shog I request respectfully, my Precious and Holy Guru, to enjoy excellent health ; I request respectfully, my Precious and Holy Guru, to live a long life ; I request respectfully, my Prec ious and Hol y Guru, t hat your Dharma activities spread and flourish far and wide ; I request respectful ly, my Precious and Holy Guru, t o bless me to be never separated from you . La - Ma Ku - Kham Sang - La Sol - Wa Deb Chog - Tu Ku - Tse Ring - La Sol - Wa Deb Trin - Lae Dar - Shing Gye La Sol - Wa Deb La - Ma Dang - Dral Wa - Med - Par Jin - Gi Lab - Tu Sol In all my future rebirths, may I never be separated from my Perfect Guru ; May I enjoy the magnificent Dharma ; And by completing the qualities of the stages and path ; May I quickly attain the state of Vajradhara . Kye - Wa Kun - Tu Yang - Dag La - Ma Dang Dral - Me Cho - Kyi Pal - La Long Cho Ching Sa - Dang Lam - Gyi Yon - Ten Rab - Zog Ne Dor - Je Chang - Gi Go - Phang Nyur - Thob Shog


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