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Singha Rinpoche's Name Mantra

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1. Name Mantra of Sing ha Rinpoche 鑫和 仁 波 切 心咒 (上师心咒) 释义 OM GURU VAJRA MUNI SASANA VIMUKTI SOHA 嗡 咕如 瓦加 牟尼 萨萨那 威摩提 梭哈 This name mantra of Singha Rinpoche was given by Geshe Lama Konchog in 2000 . The meaning of the Sanskrit mantra is : - 此梵文咒语由 尊贵的 喇嘛滚却格西(已圆寂)于 2000 年所 恩赐并 传授,其大意 如下: GURU – Spiritual teacher 咕如 ( GURU) - 上师, 即 修行 道上的 导师。 VAJRA - Full Knowledge identical to the mind of the Buddha 瓦加 ( VAJRA) - 如 佛陀 般 的 无所不知的 智慧。 MUNI – Sage 牟尼 ( MUNI ) — 圣者 SASANA - Every thing that is related to Buddha’s teaching s , its propagation, its study and its putting into practice 萨萨那 ( SASANA ) - 佛法以及一切与佛法相关的 事业 。包括佛法理论、实践与弘扬。 VIMUKTI – Liberation, full and complete enlightenment 威摩提 ( VIMUKTI ) — 最究竟的解脱,即 证 得 圆满的觉悟。 SOHA – May the meaning of this mantra take root in my mind 梭哈 ( SOHA ) — 愿此咒的妙义 根植于我的意念中。 Hence , the name mantra means: The Spiritual teacher whose mind is that of Buddha, a sage, embodiment of all aspects of Buddhas teachings who brings all beings to full and complete enlightenment. 因此,上师心咒的含义可以解释为: 上师,智 慧如佛的圣者,一切佛法之 总集,带领众生走向圆满觉悟 的引路人。


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