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100,000 Grand Guru Bumtsog Ceremony 2020 Video

One Voice, One Prayer, Infinite Blessings! Flashback to our very first online retreat, 100,000 Grand Guru Bumtsog Ceremony held on 20 & 21 Jun 2020. Although we are not able to gather at the temple due to the COVID-19, it is our great blessing to be able to connect with everyone beyond borders, bringing the retreat right to our homes, no matter where you are. An online retreat like no other, filled with prayer recitations, heartfelt teachings, advices from overseas gurus and special programs that touch our hearts, enable us to experience a retreat together. In one voice, we accumulated over 100,000 Guru Bumtsog prayers together, feeling the great blessings of Guru Rinpoche. We dedicate all these merits to everyone and may the cure for Covid be found quickly and may the pandemic be over very swiftly. We thank our precious guru Singha Rinpoche, Sangyum Lhamo, all the Sangha, the GBC Committee, the AV crew and Mr Allan Ng from Samyana Pictures for this memorable experience. See you all next year at GBC 2021!