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Vesak Prayer Festival 2020

A Celebration Of Love

16th April - 10th May 2020

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Vesak is the most important day celebrated by Buddhists around the world. It commemorates the life of Shakyamuni Buddha - the Fully Awakened One - and his unconditional love for all beings.

  VESAK 2020

This is the second consecutive year that Thekchen Choling (Singapore) is organizing the Vesak Prayer Festival during Vesak Day. This year, our focus is on 'Love'! Why 'Love'? For centuries, Buddhists have been proclaiming Buddha's Enlightenment and learning how to be free from our suffering. But why did Buddha teach us how to end our suffering? It is due to Buddha’s LOVE for all beings. Due to his LOVE, he shared the path to be free. Due to his LOVE, he was willing to give up all worldly pleasures and vowed not to move from his seat under the Bodhi Tree until he learnt how to be free. After he became awakened to the truth of what brings about suffering, due to his LOVE for all beings, he shared his profound teachings to help all beings be free from the suffering of Samsara.
To commemorate Buddha’s LOVE, we hope that we can extend LOVE and bring hope and peace to all beings through this Vesak Prayer Festival, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic situation .
Just as the Buddha loved all beings, let us come together with the pure intention of LOVE, to pray and accumulate merits throughout this festival to benefit all beings. With the motivation of LOVE to benefit all beings, and the omniscient mind and LOVE of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, we will be able to protect and overcome this pandemic swiftly.
May the collective loving energy we harness through this Vesak Prayer Festival heal all negativities and suffering and bring hope and peace for all beings.



As we reach a critical point in the battle against COVID-19, we need to play our part in the fight. Everyone is strongly encouraged to stay safe and stay home, but this does not mean that we cannot stay active and engaged.  With the COVID-19 Pandemic, let’s Spread Love to all (and not virus ya?). Watch this space for the latest Vesak Day updates coming your way! Collect your exclusive and special Vesak Day Gift from Thekchen Choling here!

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Over the last few months, life has drastically changed around the world. People everywhere are being asked to stay home and stay away from others. This distancing in our social habits has reminded us that everyone and everything is truly interconnected.
However, with the help of technology, social distancing seems less distant in this era. Through the touch of a button on our phone or laptop, we could instantly connect with anyone throughout the world.
This year, Thekchen Choling celebrates Vesak 2020 with everyone in a very special way! Though we will not be able to celebrate Vesak the same way as the previous years, we can celebrate Vesak with YOU at home!
We have created an online community platform for everyone - all over the world - to engage and connect with us. So, regardless of where you are, let us come together online and connect through Buddha’s LOVE to pray and extend this loving energy to heal the world.


Prayers and Pujas:
Through the love of Singha Rinpoche, he has advised a series of Pujas and prayers to benefit all during this COVID-19 period. Most of these pujas and prayers will be made free for all to dedicate the blessings and protection for your loved ones.
We will be organizing some group online meditations during this festival period. Also, do lookout for the special and interesting topics that Singha Rinpoche will be teaching online during this Vesak Prayer Festival.

Other Fringe Activities:
From the period of 16 April to 10 May, we will be having many fringe activities to connect and engage with everyone. Do look out for them at this website or at our Facebook page
As promised, this will be a very special Vesak and there will be many interesting “gifts” and “surprises” for you during this festival. Do click on this link to join us for this festival and we will update you on our festival program throughout this festival.
Please note:
Following the tightening COVID-19 measures, Thekchen Choling (Singapore) will be closed. All prayers and offerings will be performed by our dedicated Sangha staying in the temple. They will pray and offer the offerings on behalf of the members and devotees who registered for this festival. Registration for dedication and offerings will be made available online.
All teachings, prayers, and pujas will be made online on Thekchen Choling FB page and we welcome you to join us in prayer to extend the love and support for one another!
May the collective loving energy we harness through this Vesak Prayer Festival heals all negativities and suffering and brings hope and peace for all beings. Om Ah Hung!


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Grand Tsok Offering Ceremony To Glorious Goddess Palden Lhamo

The practice supplicates the Goddess Palden Lhamo, creates a strong connection for devotees with the guardian of Dharma and requests for her powerful and mother like Love and protection. Register Today!

Victory Banner Offering

The Victory Banner celebrates the victory of the Buddha Dharma in challenging times. The Victory Banner are set up following instructions and love from Singha Rinpoche to bless devotees with great protection, unbelievable merit and auspicious conditions for both ordinary and spiritual attainment.





It is said in Sutra , the practice of Namgyalma was taught by Buddha Shakyamuni, and this practice is known to give good health, long life and protection against untimely death. The Namgyalma Retreat will be conducted from 3th May to 16th May, and we dedicated the merit of the practice to the long and healthy life of all our spiritual teachers.



The practice of Namgyalma is a very powerful practice to purify obstacles and negative karma from countless lives, preventing unfavourable rebirth, liberating even someone who has commited the five uninterrupted negative karma and from the lowest, inexhaustible hot hells. The rare Namgyalma Fire Puja was auspiciously conducted on 17th May as a completion to the Namgyalma Retreat.



Thekchen Choling is very fortunate to have the Monlam prayers led by H.E. Kyabje Jhado Rinpoche, Abbot Emeritus of Namgyal Monastery, Dharamsala India. A Guru Bumtsog Puja will be offered by the advice of Jhado Rinpoche on 14th May, led by Jhado Rinpoche, Singha Rinpoche and disciples of Thekchen Choling.  We pray for Rinpoche long & stable life, and hope sincerely that Rinpoche will frequently come home to Thekchen Choling.



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