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Stop . Breathe . Live

Relax . Recharge . Rejuvenate

S top●Breathe●Live Retreat will be held in Singapore this year! Resonate into a unique healing sound journey of singing bowls, gong bath, Om chanting, inner dance and meditation. Raise Mother Earth’s and your vibrations in a special global coherence and resonance meditation during this retreat. Nourishments Teaching for the Mind from Singha Rinpoche & our special guest/friend Geshe Tashi-la!

YEAR 2019

What is Sound Healing?

 Mother Earth and our body is made up of about 70% water. Scientifically proven, water is a brilliant conductor of sound and research have shown that sounds can be therapeutic for our body and mind. Trained sound healing practitioners use special vocal or instrumental vibrations (listening to music, singing music, moving to the beat of the music, meditating) to improve their physical and emotional well-being.


Healing Sound Journey

Who can participate?

Anyone above 13 years old. No experience with yoga, meditation or Buddhism is required. This retreat is non-religious and will be in English.

Join Our Prayer and Teaching, Bring the Light of Healing into Your Life

Key Highlights

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Singing Bowls Healing

Alfred started his energy healing since 2014 .
The introduction of the wonderful and soothing sound of the Himalayan/ Tibetan Singing Bowls during the SBL retreat will open up a journey for all to exploration, self-care and healing.
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Gong Healing

Wendy  is trained in Gong, Crystal Bowls Sound Healing and also the first in Singapore to offer sound bath using the harmonic Therapy Harp. She hopes to support a healing journey with a multi –sensory experience to stimulates the release of stress, creating deep relaxation and state of meditation.
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Yoga & Meditation

Treat yourself to a once in a lifetime experience as Singha Rinpoche & Geshe Tashi shares with us some rare Tibetan Yoga and Meditation Methods.

How will you benefit?

Through the healing power of sound, this retreat will tune your body and Mother Earth to resonate at frequencies for self-healing. You will be uplifted with energy to function at the highest form as you heal yourself, others and Mother Earth. You will feel relaxed, recharged and a sense of inner serenity as you resonate with these healing frequencies.



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