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Vaidurya Healing Festival

Healing Sounds for Mother Earth

9th Sept - 3rd Nov 2019

Vaidurya Healing Festival aims to rejuvenate your body. speech and mind through the healing energies of sound, prayers and beneficial body healing activities. Tune in to the rhythm of Mother Earth by meditating with the sound of waves and doing yoga by the sea. Heal yourself while having fun! Drum your way to a stronger immunity and clear away anxiety, stress, blockages and negative feelings. Participate in the Lord Medicine Buddha Fire Puja to purify the karma of unwholesome actions and clears away obstacles and defilements.

YEAR 2019

Guru Vaidurya: Medicine Buddha

The  Medicine  Buddhas  encompasses  all  the  Buddhas.  This  means  that when we practice  the  seven-limb  prayer  and  make  offerings with the seven limbs,
we receive the same merit as we would if we had made offerings to all the Buddhas. Similarly, when we recite the mantra  of  Medicine  Buddha, 
we collect unbelievable merit just as  when we offer the seven-limb practice to Medicine Buddha.

Therefore it is important that we take this opportunity to practice and heal together.
And the most important thing is, You are invited!
So bring your loved ones and participant in our Healing Festivals.

Festival of Light & Life

Healing Sounds for Mother Earth

Watch this sharing by Singha Rinpoche from Mongolia, 
on the healing lights in us.

Join Our Prayer and Teaching, Bring the Light of Healing into Your Life

Pledge 100,000 Seven Medicine Buddha Mantra

Join us as we pledge to dedicate recitations of the Seven Medicine Buddha Long Mantra to the well-being of all sentient beings throughout the entire Vaidurya Healing Festival. 100,000 mantras globally will be dedicated to the healing of our planet earth.


Key Programs


Global Prayer Day

Glodbal Prayer Day and Medicine Buddha Puja and recitation of Mantra. Let’s all come together to recite in ONE VOICE and dedicate to the peace for the world and healing of Mother Earth!


Medicine Buddha Grand Fire Puja

Medicine Buddha Fire Puja helps to purify the karma of unwholesome actions, clears away obstacles /defilements  and purify karmic negativities. Do not miss this rare fire puja!


'Drum On' Drumming Circle

Heal yourself while having fun!  Drum your way to a stronger immunity and clear away anxiety, stress, blockages and negative feelings. Grab this chance to sign up for Thekchen ‘Drum On’!

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