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Learning The Dharma

These days those who aren’t born into Dharma environment seem to arrive at the Dharma from many different directions. Some are forced to enter dharma after an overwhelming experience shatters their world. Others arrive more gently, perhaps through disillusionment with the shallowness of contemporary culture. Encountering the dharma, they find meaning and purpose. Others come because they are wounded, whether by love or hatred or just by the bitter of loneliness. In dharma they discover an alleviation of suffering. Then there are those who come looking for answers—answers they couldn’t get from science or philosophy.
For them all, Singha Rinpoche’s teaching speaks compellingly of a shift in view/approach,
unveiling of truth and a practice deeply embed in one's daily life experience.

Weekly Dharma Teaching

Dharma Teaching (English) – Every Thursday, 8pm
Dharma Teaching (Chinese) – Every Friday, 8pm

You may view the Dharma Teaching on Facebook Live via Singha Thekchen Namdrol Rinpoche Facebook page.

*P/S: In view of the COVID-19 situation, teachings will only be available online via our Facebook Page

Suitable Vessel Of Dharma

What are the qualification of a proper student? The great Indian master Aryadevasaid, in the 400 Verses, that a suitable vessel for Dharma teaching is someone who is non-partisan or unbiased, intelligent and diligent. Being non-partisan means that the student should not be biased, for e.g., thinking one's view is more superior. The student should also be intelligent, in having the ability and wisdom to examine the teachings, accepting them if they are true, rejecting them if they are not. In addition, the student should also be diligent in seeking out, attending and listening to teachings.


Experiential Buddhism

Learning the dharma from a qualified teacher is very precious. Singha Rinpoche is bilingual and able to teach us the teachings of Dharma in terms and context very close to our heart and our daily lives.
Let's treasure this precious sharing of nectar from Singha Rinpoche