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Holy Objects

A Meditation Paradise – Your Mandala

In late 2013, a 2-acre piece of land in Kota Tinggi was offered to Rinpoche. This marks the birth of Thekchen Choling Kota Tinggi Meditation Centre.

In 2015, we are happy to announce that this Mandala will be the Palace of Thousand-Arm Cherezig.

Connect with the Tallest Chenrezig Statue (48 feet) in Southeast Asia.

Holy Objects

THEKCHEN CHOLING (USA) SYRACUSE: A Buddha Relic Temple located in Central New York.

It is said that merely seeing the relics of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha is the same as seeing the Buddha himself. Buddha relics are the crystallized remains that formed after the Buddha's holy body was cremated in India over 2500 years ago. These relics are known to have tremendous power and can bring great blessings to individuals and the surroundings. Offered to Thekchen Choling Syracuse by Lama Namdrol Rinpoche in 2014, the temple houses a small collection of Buddha relics on its altar for public viewing. Visitors to the temple are welcome and encouraged to sit, meditate and feel the Buddha's blessings in the presence of these precious relics.

Holy Objects

Thekchen Choling Malaysia (Melaka)

For many years, Malaysian students of Rinpoche have persistently requested him to start similar temples in Malaysia so that people in Malaysia can benefit from Dharma as well as community outreach programmes. After numerous location searches of three months since June 2012, we found Melaka to be suitable and ripe for us to start our first overseas centre. Thekchen Choling Malaysia was officially approved by the Malaysian Federal Government on 15 October 2012 as a society to operate Buddhist temples.

Thus begins the chapter of Thekchen Choling (Malaysia) Melaka Centre, operating on a rented premise at 8 and 8A, Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho. It started operations from 10 November 2012.

Thekchen Choling (Melaka) will be moving to new premise in November 2017.