Giving is the first step of receiving

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Becoming A Volunteer


Caring people joining together, rolling up their sleeves and taking action to make their community better, it’s a beautiful thing—
and an incredible feeling for everyone involved. Becoming a volunteer in Thekchen Choling is about leading by example,
building relationships and improving the world through kindness. It’s huge extended family of 1000+ men and women
serving together so they can make a lasting impact and change more lives.

Kindness In Action


“When you offer your service,
you become part of a global network of volunteers
working together to make a difference.”

Join our volunteering network. 

Together we can make a difference


Planting The Seeds Of Compassion Within.
Living a purposeful life.  

Kindness In Action

Did you know YOU have a Buddha’s nature in YOU? YOU are greater than what YOU think. YOU can do more than what YOU can imagine! 

Our hearts are just like a sesame seed that can be cultivated to grow and make space for all beings. When we allow it to grow, it will have limitless potential and bring lots of benefits to others. 

Liberation from samsara is not difficult but it needs a lot of groundwork and effort. Start your journey by offering your service and practicing to be a Bodhisattva In Action NOW. 

Various Interest Group Available, Various Skillset Needed

Come talk to us about what you are good at or what you like to do!