Ullambana Festival

The Great Compassion & Liberation

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Ullambana Festivals is a important festival where we commemorate the Great Compassion of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha, in his intent to lead and guide us to our own liberation and the the liberation of all sentient beings from the seas of suffering.

YEAR 2019

Rising Above Sea of Emotions

The sea of emotions for sentient beings is impossible to eradicate. Therefore, as practicing Buddhist, we need to rise above these sea of emotions, stable our own mind and align our directions to a authentic guide, with genuine practice, and clear vision of the goal in mind. This way, we can navigate our human minds to liberation and alleviate suffering. Come join us in practice and learning, as we cultivate as a family toward fortuitous, blessed and happier direction.



Opening Address for Ullambana Festival

Find out who we are praying for during Ullambana Festival in this address by Singha Rinpoche

Join Our Prayer and Teaching, and Find Direction in Your Life

The Importance of Prayers

What is the purpose of writing dedication tablets?
Who are the "karmic creditors"?
Why do we pray for the Unfortunate Unborn?

 The following videos will help us to quickly understand the importance of the our prayers this Ullambana Festival!
Do remember to register early and join our prayers activities~





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