Qing Ming Festival

Benefiting The Living and The Departed

Qing Ming is a time for us to remember and pay respect to our ancestors and dearly depart.
Let us learn to remember and practice repaying the kindness of our dearly departed ones,
by participating in the memorial services and dedicating merit to our loved ones.
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YEAR 2019

Understanding Everyday Attachments

Everything can be an attachments, and in Samsara, nothing really works.
Understanding these in the right view, we can truly understand and feel ourselves, thus develop true realization from our practices.



Becoming the Children's Gurus

Watch this Touching Advice from Singha Rinpoche,
on the deep meaning of our Family Life.

Join Our Prayer and Teaching, Bring Meaning To Your  Family Life


Come join us as we pray as one community for the deceased to have a good favourable rebirth,
and for (us) the living to have prosperity, good health and peace!

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