The Thekchen Choling Education Bursary Award was established in 2010 to provide financial assistance to students from low-income families. It is open to Singapore citizens, regardless of race or religion, studying in government institutions. There are three categories – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

From the first year where 14 students were awarded, the bursary now attracts many more applicants has tripled and benefits close to 50 students now.

Bursary Award Values

1. Primary: $200 each

2. Secondary / JC : $300 each

3. Tertiary (Polytechnic/University): $400 each


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Eligibility Criteria

1. Applicant must be a Singapore Citizen

2. Applicant must be full-time students studying in local government institutions from Primary 1 to Tertiary

3. Total gross monthly household income must not exceed $2,500; OR

4. Per capita income of not more than $600**; and

5. Applicant must have good conduct and satisfactory academic performance

6. Only 1 applicant per household can apply. (*Total amount of gross income of all the working people in the same Household. **Per Capita Income= Gross family income/ total no. of family members living together with student)

Application Procedure

1. Application forms are available at temple Reception counter or you can download the Bursary Application below.

2. Please write clearly and legibly on the application form.

3. All parts of the forms must be filled in. Write “Nil” or “N.A.” where applicable.

4. Interested applicants to submit the following supporting documents:

a) Photocopy of Birth Certificate/ Passport of Child applying for bursary

b) Passport size photograph of student applying for bursary

c) Photocopy of NRICs of both parents

d) Photocopy of latest pay-slip, income tax assessment returns or letter from employer declaring income status of all adults in the same household

e) Certified copy of latest school examination results

f) Student certification form from the respective educational institution

g) relevant documents to support the application

5. Students NOT eligible:

– Students who are in kindergarten 2 (K2) in 2017

– Students from private institutions

6. Please send the completed application form and all supporting documents to:

The Education Bursary Award Committee

Thekchen Choling (Singapore)

2 Beatty Lane

Singapore 209945

Closing date of application

All applications must reach the temple by 31 Jan 2018 (Sunday) 6PM. Late or incomplete submission of applications will not be considered.

Notification of Results

All decisions made are final. The Management committee of the temple reserves the right to give out bursaries to the most deserving students.

Only Successful applicants will be notified by mail or SMS in late April 2019. Successful applicants will be invited for the Award Presentation Ceremony on Vesak Day on 29 May 2019.

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