Warming Up Together

New and feeling lost in our temple activities? Wanting to know more about our temple and why we do what we do? Do you wish to clarify more on how we understanding the teachings and philosophies? Come join us for a causal afternoon of sharing and get together.

Getting To Know You

Conducted in a casual setting, taking about 2 hours only, let our commited volunteers share passionately about the temple we have come to love. Be immense in the "free to voice out" atmosphere and engage in the interactions with volunteers of our very warm family. Be surprised to find out that the orientation program is really not about us, it's really about you! Come let us know you a little more!

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Share your burning questions with us

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Getting to know you personally

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Bring home these meaningful small gifts

Light Refreshment is provided during the short break!

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Your Take Away

Learn how to do a bath offering to Lord Dzambala. Understanding the significant behind a prostration. Get a sneak peek at the treasures and colorful history of our temple. The orientation program has so much prepared for you! Spare us your weekend and let's make it colourful together!

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Discover the Hidden Stories

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Learn why and how we do

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Experience Our Purpose

Shoutout To Volunteers

A great big hug and a loud thank you to our dedicated volunteers who helps to make the orientation programs possible. Your warm effort is surely an assets in connecting with our new friends! Come forward too, if you would like to learn how to help us!

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Speak to Our Volunteer Coordinators

Join us and make our programs better with your effort.

Orientation Program

Feeling new and lost?
Keen to know more about us?
Wanting to learn more about Buddhism?
Discover how you can start your Dharma Journey with us!

This is a program designed to walk you through the temple, provide you with the services we have, introduce you to the basic Buddhist practices and facilitate interaction and bonding.

2nd June 2019, Sunday


Thekchen Choling Main Hall

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At Thekchen Choling, we provide a range of Dharma Education to let you understand more about yourself and your wellbeing.

Orientation Program

Orientation Program