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Understanding death and the process of dying

Every life begins with birth and ends with death. As Buddhists, we believe that every sentiment being has a consciousness that will transmigrate from one life to another. The cycle of birth and death continues until we achieve Nirvana. It is thus important that the process of death be prepared properly so that rightful conditions are created for a favorable rebirth.
As a family or a friend of the dying, one should observe the following:

Preparing for rebirth at the point of death

We provide funeral rites and services for the dearly departed. We are the first establishment in Singapore that provides Vajrayana Buddhist funeral rites. All Buddhists, regardless of tradition, and free thinkers are able to benefit from Vajrayana Buddhist funeral arrangements. We provide a full suite of services according to the family's needs and preferences while ensuring the necessary rituals and rites to benefit the dearly departed.

These services include

Full funeral arrangement and management

Mahayana Buddhist funeral services

Tombstone/Columbarium design

Fengshui reading at the cemetery sites

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